I’m Dr Jo Brown. The Performance Physiotherapist and Performance coach Founder of Performance State, Purpose2perform podcast , fueled by an unwavering power of belief.

My story.

Dr Jo Brown has been an integral part of thousands of performance moments, spanning two decades. She has championed champions, from 18 different sports on the international stage including “the fastest man on the planet” Noah Lyles, NBA stars, global tennis super stars, Australian beach volleyball team, the Australian Swim team, the Jamaican track and field team and the legendary Jamaican bobsleigh team.

Dr Jo Brown lives and breathes high performance, and knows that being a performance physiotherapist and performance care expert is more than what she can do with her hands. Her dedication to the teams and athletes she works with is second to none, and she Her ability to connect and communicate with the athlete or team has meant she is a trusted ally is those moments that count.

Purpose2perform podcast was born. There is palpable power of connection in all Dr Jo Brown interviews with the athletes and sporting experts she has meet on the highway of high performance. Including Australian Olympic and Paralympic Swimmers, Jamaican track stars, Tennis aces, Jamaican Bobsleigh legend Nelson Chris Stokes and the list continues to grow.

Dr Jo Brown lives for high performance and believes with the right support and coaching high performance can become instinct. Whether you or your team need to elevate your Performance, you need to rehabilitate an injury, or your looking to expediate learning in high performance Dr Jo and Performance State can help.


Jamaican Track and Field team at 2019 World Championships, right before the 4 x 100 m women final.
2021 the Australian mens beach volleyball team.
Swimmer I worked with since 9 years old got a silver meda in Rio 2016.


  • “We don’t fix problems
    we go on the journey with you”

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