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Your'e better, and you know it.

Struggling to come back from injury or just not getting the performance outcomes you need?

Do you need to “bounce of the bottom”, or just build a bridge to go next level. Dr Jo specialises in working with individual athletes to ‘BE THEIR BEST, WHEN IT COUNTS”. She will shine a light on all the aspects of your performance. She will be raw and real: whats working and whats not. She will challenge your mind, body and spirit and won’t take your BS.

Dr Jo can come to you and consult with you and your team in your home training environment or be there for your biggest performance.

As a physiotherapist, performance and mindset coach with a background in biomechanics Dr Jo’s unqiue skill means she can provide insights. take you from the “ treatment table to the track” or “clinic to court: and back again. She will work closely with your team to analyse biomechanics, movement patterns and activation sequences. She will look at your strengths and weaknesses of body, and mind (if required) and use whatever strategies required to get you at your best. Driven by excellence Dr Jo will go in relentless pursuit of your best performance.

“ I work in relentless pursuit of your greatness and there is no stopping til we done”. The top can be lonely and it is important to have people in your corner. Insight, belief, excellence, connection.. trust..